Although Kaidilin and others were told by Ji Xinghe to hide his real play, the top federal officials did not know those significant reasons.
Ji Xinghe was able to kill Adakang, the top five in the imperial combat power, in public, and Adakang became the supreme commander of the imperial alien again because of the victory in the War Mark Canyon.
This war is bound to happen, and more is needed.
The preparatory work is not too complicated. The Federation established a relatively calm communication with the Empire before this pre-battle challenge, and all the details have been communicated.
At the appointed time, when they finally arrived, the two mecha respectively dragged a huge cuboid made of metal like a coffin from their respective positions and marched towards the center area of the Z-9 battlefield at a high speed.
They all pull coffins.
But pulling is not a coffin, but the ultimate fortress.
It is not a big problem for the imperial scientific and technological level and industrial ability to make the ultimate fortress such as anti-nuclear strike equipment
I’m afraid of death. Although Adakang’s driving this time is made of tungsten, steel and gold, Imperial Armor is also worried that the Federation will directly bomb it with nuclear weapons after it wins. It’s always good to have an effective defense.
The same is true of Ji Xinghe.
When the two mechs were running, the speed gap showed up, which shocked the orangutans. It was that Ji Xinghe was driving faster than Adakang driving Imperial Armor.
Is it because the final fortress pulled by Ji Xinghe is lighter than that pulled by Adacon?
Adacon is in a mountain state at this time, but Ji Xinghe is running in a plain state. Theoretically, even if there is a weight gap, it can make up for it. Adacon should be faster.
But now it seems …
"Is it your thirteenth generation core engine?"
Ada Kangyin has sounded from the communication channel agreed by both parties, and the calm tone of the star river has been affirmed.
"It’s really strong. If I have this level of core engine before this mecha, you can’t take it away."
"You’re dying. Don’t you want to say more?"
"Don’t be afraid that my knife is fast."
Adakang didn’t expect that three years later, Ji Xinghe’s mouth was still so hard. It laughed and asked, "Why didn’t you install your energy shield generator in this mecha?" More than three months later, it was enough for you to transport a few of those devices to alien stars to drive this mecha and Li Yuanba to upgrade their mecha. "
"no need"
"Is it unnecessary or impossible to transform?" Adakang continued to say with a smile, "You don’t have the ability to transform my mecha, even with the updated technology."
This is a fact
The whole armor is made of tungsten, steel and gold, and it is very difficult to transform the main body except for recycling, including the tungsten-steel alloy to build the mecha.
Besides these two materials, there is no nuclear fusion reactor mecha, and even the general mecha can’t support the energy needed by the energy shield generator.

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