It’s okay. What are you pretending to be lofty?
Moments later, e zombie like report finished ruyi waved his paw to let e zombie leave.
Lin Ying knows what happened through auspicious translation.
Originally, Lin Ying had previously contacted the ordinary zombie, and the ordinary zombie handed Lin Ying’s words to E zombie, and the result was good luck. Two-two-two-two-two love affairs were delayed.
It’s good luck now. As soon as things are over here, they will report and wait for them to make up their minds
Ruyi has been pacing there like a human since he got the information.
From time to time, he throws a look at Auspicious, like asking Auspicious.
However, Ruyi didn’t think that it was auspicious before it, and it was not the auspicious it knew.
This is auspicious controlled by Lin Ying.
Lin Ying controls auspiciousness, ignoring Ruyi, but wandering around on the second floor looking for a place where Lin Ying can start work.
After reading it again, Lin Ying found that the place where Ruyi stayed was actually a dead corner, and the outside of the building cast a royal beast on it.
So Lin Ying considered mixing into the room.
Although Lin Ying can be invisible, it is an evolutionary zombie standing outside the house. It is easy for Lin Ying to pass by them.
Suo Linying intends to walk from the surface.
Now he is not upright. He is going to jump from the tree to the opposite room.
Thought of here, Lin Ying climbed the tree.
He will climb to the top of the branch, then bend it by gravity, and then enter the room.
Lin Ying wheezed quickly to the top of the tree and then the branches gradually bent.
And Lin Ying wrinkled the top of the branch and kept shaking.
What Lin Ying did was invisible at all times. To outsiders, the tree felt as if it were refined, and it was swaying by itself.
Tree zombies feel the tree shaking, but they don’t know what happened.
Lin Ying grabbed the branches and shook his body for a while. After that, Lin Ying let go and flew to the residential building.
Then snapped a Lin Ying caught the opposite windowsill.
Chapter 223 Buy one get one free
Lin Ying’s sound shocked Ruyi.
See him shake shake the body from the outside into the Lin Ying room.
Lin Ying climbed from the windowsill and just entered the room, Ruyi came in.
Lin Ying held her breath and repeated in her heart, "You can’t see me, you can’t smell me, and you can’t find me."
But the play didn’t develop as Lin Ying thought.
Ruyi found the abnormality in the room as soon as she entered the room, and then grinned in the direction of Lin Ying.
As soon as he found the forest shadow, although he couldn’t see it, he did feel it.
Lin Ying ignored Ruyi’s roar, but devoted herself to displaying the tied angle.
Three seconds later, the golden mark flew out from Lin Ying’s hand.
Ruyi jumped at the sight of the golden mark.
And the mark fell to the ground.
So Lin Ying quickly waved his hands and constantly released the corner mark.
But all the marks are gone.
Have been wishful to hide in the past.
Ruyi suddenly shout at top of voice and descended in the direction of Lin Ying.
Lin Ying has been exposed, and it has also determined the position of Lin Ying, ready to attack Lin Ying.
Also when Ruyi jumped up, Lin Ying pushed the fuyin in his hand out to Ruyi’s forehead.
Ruyi’s paws set up Lin Ying’s shoulders and Fu Yin fell on Ruyi’s forehead at this moment.

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