This situation is excusable for competitors to do something.
"From the mechanic to the mecha, no problem. From the humble man to the eternal master, no problem. From the private to the five-star general? Sorry, I have a chance. "
Ivanovich said that the opportunity is of course not from the private to the five-star general. He officially joined the army or the rank of second lieutenant started very high
It’s a five-star opportunity
After the establishment of the Federation, the five active stars have been in existence, and one of them is, after all, a federal system. The autonomy of each war zone is very high, and it is difficult for anyone to be popular.
After Andy, I really want to count who can make a fuss about Xinghe. It is definitely one of them.
Being recognized by Ivanovich will be criticized. The looting support war can always win, but the result is too numerous.
The generals may be a little unhappy that the Independent Regiment has disrupted their war plans, but the soldiers’ ideas are much purer.
And generals don’t all regard the lives of soldiers as digital iron generals.
No, Ivanovic seems to want to negotiate successfully, and he doesn’t say that the prices have been lowered, and it is difficult to have a proud record in fighting.
In the dust storm, a prince armor appeared in the federal occupied area of World War II and was discovered by the phase detection device.
Although the peer-to-peer information transmission is high, it is little disturbed by dust storms.
The prisoner Xiyan had already given the news to Xingyue before returning to the No.6 base.
Of course, he didn’t know that the message he received was from Xingyue No.6 base, and there were three people who knew that one person guessed that one person didn’t even think about Xingyue and Xinghe. After a meeting, he monitored the communication of the participants and confirmed that the second world war zone was now dominated by Xinghe, which can be called monolithic.
"It wants two anti-Milky Way Corps composed of Marquis A, a total of six hundred Marquis A in exchange for its two sons and …"
Li Zhengfan’s tone was surprised. "In the second canyon, the intact transition base was exchanged for you?"
Few people in the meeting room, such as Ji Xinghe, Ji Rongxinyue, Li Zhengfan and Chen Xun, failed to attend.
Of course, there are also places like the moon and the stars.
Ji Xinghe nodded and confirmed the information he just said.
Chen Xun frowned and asked, "What do you mean? Is it that the former Academy of Sciences said that Emperor Wudi I gave it to Emperor Wudi II and Emperor Wudi III? "
After asking Chen Xun, he said firmly, "No, absolutely not. Don’t say it’s a transition base, not even the transition base in Shenshen Mountain."
"I agree," Li Zhengfan first agreed, and then corrected, "but the king of Town East is not what you said, but what Emperor Wu III gave to Adakang."
Chen Xun raised his eyebrows. "What’s the difference?"
Li Zhengfan didn’t answer, but looked at Ji Xinghe, and Ji Xinghe looked at Ji Rongxinyue.
"there is a difference"
Chapter 727 Child’s play
The difference between Yu Cheng and the gift is that even Li Zhengfan knows what he doesn’t know, and even knowing what he knows is a little knowledge.
In addition to the three worlds of Emperor Wu, the world has an explanation for this problem and is still alive.
"There are two kinds of bearing. Simply put, one will die and the other will not."
Ji Xinghe looked at Ji Rongxin and said it lightly.
"Emperor Wudi I and Emperor Wudi II will die, so they are both dead. After Emperor Wudi III undertook Adakang, it didn’t die, and that’s what King Zhendong wanted. I haven’t mastered it yet."
Ji Rong Xin Yue frowned and said, "Grandpa, do you want to give me this kind of commitment?"
"I don’t want it." Ji Rongxinyue shook his head. "A complete transition base is too important for us. There are still 600 marquise armour. What do you think? Town East Wang won’t exchange 600 marquise armour for it. This transaction is a real precondition for trading."
Ji Xinghe frowned.
Li Zhengfan suddenly asked, "Lieutenant Colonel Ji Rongxinyue, do you think that the commander promised to make a deal with Wang Cheng in the town of Dong before he gave us 600 marquis armour as a gift?"
"Yes" Ji Rongxin nodded and then shook his head "But the six hundred Marquis armour can’t be given to us as a gift. Town East King can make them appear in a certain position on the battlefield. We still have to fight for it ourselves because Emperor Wu III can’t give it to Town East King that long, but even if we really want to fight for it ourselves, it’s no different from a gift. We can let them split up."
Looking at Kan Kan and talking about Ji Rong Xin Yue, Li Zhengfan looked at the immature place and continued to ask, "But the problem is that bearing strength means that the empire will have one more orangutan with gift ability. With Emperor Wu III, Adakang and the Town East King Empire, it will have millions of orangutans, which is not good for us."
Ji Rong Xinyue laughed. "Consultant Li, you don’t really think that my spiritual will is strong because I have the power to recognize the third stage of the atmosphere, do you?"
Li Zhengfan smiled without a word.
Ji Rongxinyue said, "No matter whether it’s one million or ten million, even three billion orangutans and monkeys in the empire have qi power, so what?" To get the complete transition base and the opportunity to go to the Empire Star, all our nuclear weapons will have a place! "
Chen Xun suddenly felt a chill.
Eleven-year-old children are singing with their bags on their backs that they are going to bomb schools. Adults will smile at each other, and no one will really think that there is a bomb in the children’s bags.
But when this child is Ji Rong Xin Yue,
Hair stood up Chen Xun took a deep breath and sounded loud "I agree".
Li Zhengfan has failed.

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