Shen Mu’s straight tone in the maintenance area of No.5 base has a strong intention of inviting credit.
"Awesome, awesome"
Ji Xinghe spoke from the bottom of his heart. He really thought that Shen Mu was very good, so he added, "Better than me."
Shen Mu was so excited to get such praise from Ji Xinghe that he was almost out of his body.
"I didn’t expect that I could really figure it out if I didn’t pass the real machine test. I’m still dreaming now. I’ve been in a daze these days and I’m always afraid of what’s wrong, Lao Ji. You have to check it quickly. Knock with a hammer. I remember that you can knock out the problem with a powerful hammer …"
Shen Mu rambled about getting weaker, and the mechanic next to him was very skilled. He stretched out his hand and put the sleeping Shen Mu in a wheelchair.
Ji Xinghe somehow some love dearly.
"When he wakes up, let him have a good rest. If his body collapses, who will build and repair the mecha for us?"
Ji Xinghe can do it himself, but now he shouldn’t do it, although it is also very important.
"We have advised Major Shen Mu many times, but he won’t listen. Tell him when he wakes up."
"Yes, he is too hard and many links must be completed by himself. It feels like he doesn’t trust us. We are wronged."
"Why don’t we send Major Shen Mu to the medical area and get some sedatives to let him sleep more?"
"I don’t think so. If he gets up, he will definitely have to … Aye, Major Shen Mu, you’re awake. Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t say anything. What you just heard was a dream. Yes, it was a dream."
Shen Mu was awakened by complaints and complaints, which said that his sleep quality was very poor and he was so sleepy that his body was on the verge of collapse.
Ji Xinghe is also a clean hand and presses the back of Shen Mu’s earlobe.
Shen Mu just opened his eyes and closed them again. When everyone was amazed, snoring suddenly sounded.
"Yifeng point and Fengchi point are commonly known as sleeping points. If you have insomnia, you can gently massage this position yourself."
Ji Xinghe’s popular science is automatically regarded by people around him.
People looked at him eagerly.
"Sleep hole? Old Ji, can you acupuncture? "
"What other acupoints are there? Which one is the one to hold others’ acupoints?"
"Is there a laughing hole, Lao Ji?"
"Give me an old horse. I beg you. I can do any acupuncture point."
"Is it okay to die?"
Ji Xinghe Nai "It’s not as exaggerated as you said. I told you to believe in science …"
Speaking, Ji Xinghe stretched out his hand at will and just asked to be brushed behind one’s ear.
This man was instantly dragged by Ji Xinghe and slowly put on the ground.
He fell asleep, too.
Ji Xinghe got up and asked, "Who else wants to have a rest?"
People are eager to try. They really need to rest, but they don’t want to rest. They still have bodies.
"Lao Ji, in two days, we’ll get two more mountains to come out and give one to each of us when you go out, okay?"

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